Layers – They Matter

Hi. I love that you showed up here. Did you choose to be right here in this moment or do you feel you were led here? It doesn’t matter, either way because you’re here. This might sound weird but, you are an onion. Well maybe not yet, but definitely the beginning of one. Don’t worry,…Read more »

My Son is My Teacher

Parenthood is a fascinating journey. I often feel as though I’m learning more than I’m teaching, and I feel like it should be the other way around. But as I journey on, I realize time and time again that this is as much of a learning and growing process for me as it is for…Read more »


Hi loyal friends! The passion and commitment to make my way to the Oscars continues. I’m now calling this phase, OPERATION DESPERATION! I’m trudging along as I continue to reach out to media outlets and celebrities in order to get eyes on the article that made massive waves everywhere. I’m back with another favor. As…Read more »