Thank you for being here! My name is Alison and I am a loving mother to my two sons, a partner to my soon-to-be wife, a caring daughter, a friend to all and a lover over everything.

I am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I am a writer and a Cancer for all of you astrology lovers.

My passion is writing and supporting others. Above all, I want people to know they aren’t alone and they are understood. I’ve gone through some crazy ass shit in my short lifetime (oh I curse like a sailor, but I’ll filter it out the best I can), so I use that little bit of life experience when it ‘s applicable in helping others.

I’m an open book with an open heart. My story isn’t for the judgmental but I hope it inspires you to be exactly who you’re meant to be.

Thank you for being here!!


After being married for 10 years with two children in tow, I had a realization at 34 years old, I’m gay! Knowing something like that wakes any sleeping person up but also makes it near impossible to continue on the same path.

Leaving my marriage and breaking to my inner world that I wasn’t just divorcing, I was coming out of the closet, it was a double whammy. Well, triple when you count how breaking that type of news to your children impacts the family unit even more.

It was the hardest time of my life, and the darkest. I felt like a failure and someone who didn’t deserve love because in just a single moment, I took so much away from the ones I cared about most.  It was a humbling experience. A learning experience. A growing experience. An experience of many forms, as long as I could make it out of the darkness.

After about a year of grief, I began to love myself more. I became licensed in my profession and felt more empowered by my own story, because it turns out I’m not alone. Once I found out I wasn’t alone, the world kind of opened into expansion, again. I saw color in the things that had faded to black and white and I was able to feel self worth I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

If you’re here, I know I don’t have to tell you how good it feels to be understood. To feel as though someone gets you and you aren’t alone after all, is life changing.

That’s what brings me to this place. My community is my home and my home is here with you all, the ones who get me. I am honored to have the ability to support you and tell you, you’re not alone.



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