Baby Warmie Offers the #1 Diaper Bag on the Market


I had my last baby eight years ago! Feels like a lifetime when I see how far the baby products have come since then. The diaper bag I had was a brown satchel that wasn’t just small, it hardly had any storage space. It cost a fortune and almost went through more trauma than I did the first year of motherhood!

Now days I’m blown away by the size, quality and technology of the diaper bags on the market. YES, I said technology! This beautiful bag is the BAG of all bags, I had to buy it for one of my close friends who’s expecting her second child and I did so through Baby Warmie. This site was the easiest purchase I’ve ever made and I received the bag in time for my friend’s baby shower.

1_H163da2bccd8643efae7c281be7ae8ce2T_copy_1 (1)

The material, color and pattern options, size, storage space and USB port is UNMATCHED! I am jealous of the parents who get to tote this bag and their babies around. I’ve seen many new baby products on the market since I had my children and I have to say this bag takes the cake when it comes to envy!

Whether you’re a parent to a small child already, a mom-to-be or someone who is contemplating starting a family, I would highly suggest recommend this diaper bag.

From the price to the quality to the use you’ll get out of it, you won’t be disappointed.



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