Dear Kim, This is About Kanye


Hey Kim,

You don’t know me but I’m just a writer mom therapist woman from California who watches your show, who is also fascinated by the “come up” you had, mind boggled by y’all’s ability to take opportunity by the muthafuckin’ horns and also enamored by just how incredibly smart you are in making gobs and gobs of money.

With that said, and without sounding like a “hater,” there’s something I don’t think you’re doing a good job at – navigating through your husband’s numerous public meltdowns. Not that you’re not saying all the right things, because you are, or your publicist is, whatever, you get what I mean. Everything you said in your Instagram story is true, but not necessarily true about Kanye. So, I’m going to try to be as compassionate as possible when speaking on this because I am a therapist, after all. Kim, you need not only to check your husband but also stop defending him to the public.

You see, your husband has literally shit on the public people for a very long time, completely and unapologetically.  I’m in no way saying or would I ever say that making light of his mental health issues is ok, because it’s not. Not even a little bit. Not even by the public who have been offended over and over. Those people deserve a whole other blog post, but this ain’t it.

What you need to understand and maybe you can get your husband to understand, although I’m not confident you will, is that Kanye West nor you, his wife, should expect sympathy from the public or anyone else. He has single handedly disrespected so many individuals, groups and communities with his words and actions and yet somehow defined it as passion, or as you call it, brilliance.

Your husband may be talented and display that from time to time, and probably has moments of greatness like the rest of us, but he is in no way entitled to an ounce of respect from the very people he has metaphorically fucked with disrespect. You sound a little naive and entitled yourself to think he even deserves that and I know you’re a smart woman. But as a wife, and Kanye West’s wife at that, I understand you feel it’s your obligation to speak as such.

Look, I know there’s a lot of responsibility in being a celebrity, I get it. You’re right when you say that you can’t control him nor make him get help if he doesn’t want it. But it’s also your duty not to make excuses for a man that refuses to apologize for his behavior when he’s not going through a manic episode or cycling. I’m not saying he can’t speak his mind, but Kanye just has a WAY about him, doesn’t he?

I respect that you want your husband’s mental health to be left alone, kept private and respected. You’re a good wife, and loyal AF! But I don’t think people are purposely attacking Kanye’s mental health. I think people are purposely attacking a man who has ignorantly portrayed a dark and manipulative character on a consistent basis from his high horse while asking for sympathy and support from the very people he slaps in the face. Now, as far as people going at him from the mental health angle after a public meltdown? Some would say those people are ceasing an opportunity and some would flat out tell you he deserves what he’s getting. Neither are ok. People should be held accountable, including Kanye.

I highly suggest your husband and yourself, take a long, hard look at what you’re truly asking of people. You’re asking people to disregard and dismiss the behaviors and actions towards thousands, if not millions of people BECAUSE he’s “brilliant.” You’re asking the public to turn the other cheek when he word vomits ignorant clauses and campaigns for self-serving actions that cater to his egotistical views.

I’m simply suggesting that you take a step back and instead of going into damage control time after time to save face for your marriage, your husband, and your family, let humility take the wheel and strip the images and egos from the whole that is The Kardashian Clan. Rally for change within your own unit instead of the world. Change has to start somewhere and it really needs to start there. Instead of making excuses for him, be honest with him; be honest with yourselves.

Your family is highly influential and carries an incredible amount of weight in our society that currently obsesses over pop culture and social media, two things you are at the top of. To allow this man to contribute to the very issues that keep societies like this in motion is truly the most irresponsible thing you can do, but what do we expect, right? You’re rich RICH off this shit. We are in turmoil if you haven’t looked out your window lately, and what your husband needs is assistance in saving his life, NOT enablement in ruining this country any further.

As his wife and even a celebrity, you don’t actually have to speak on his mental health. You don’t have to defend this man. You’ve been in the public eye for over a decade and know, mental health issues or not, the internet is mean and no one is safe. But if you must speak, instead of asking people for sympathy or empathy for your husband, I would ask people for grace. I would ask people for forgiveness and to allow your family to go within and make the changes that truly support the morals and values that you say you are all made of.

Mrs. West, for lack of a better phrase, your husband needs a fat ass dose of humble fucking pie among many other things and I pray he gets well, not richer or more powerful, but just plain healthy.

We all deserve a chance to get well, to know better and do better.

I pray he’s able to understand his journey, to do something positive about it, and then do better.

I mean, really, we can all do better, right?

Blessings ❤



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