Dear Farrah Abraham, I CAN’T EVEN

Look, I’m not one to rush to judgment on people, really I’m not, even celebrities. I’m compassionate and fair, rational and caring. I mean I’ve even defended a few Kardashians in my day. Crazy, right?

But girl, I CAN’T EVEN with you.

You’re miserable. I used to cringe when watching you in scenes with your mother because you’re so horrifyingly mean to her, but now I cringe in EVERY scene you’re in.

You’re transparently entitled. The world obviously owes you something, yet no one is quite sure what, or why.  You’ve obviously had a rough upbringing. Parental dysfunction, divorce, a boyfriend who passed away. I get it. You’ve endured a lot of pain. But most of us have, and yet you won’t find those people cursing at their mothers and making her cry in restaurants in front of their daughter.

My heart breaks for your daughter. She’s screaming for you to get it together on the inside while you stay blinded by fame and money. She wants your undivided attention and love. She wants you to love her grandparents and be respectful of them. She wants you to model behavior that she feels proud to emulate. But instead she is spoiled with material things, inevitably to grow into a young woman full of insecurities and entitlement.

Being a mother myself, it’s painful to watch.

But you’re too busy making sex tapes, making sex toys, and appearing on every other reality show just to make a quick buck, only to turn around and give your kid $300 from the tooth fairy. It’s cringe-worthy at best. You seem to think that everyone in your life is the problem. They owe you something, or aren’t good enough. But anyone who curses people out in public forums just to be taken seriously and get a point across IS THE problem.

Your look is changing with every passing season, and not in a good way. There isn’t enough lip filler in the world that’s going to make you feel better, or fix your problems. There isn’t another child on this planet that’s going to fill the void within yourself that you’re so deeply looking to fill. But your poor daughter and any other child you’re hoping to take in will be the victim(s).

You’ve chosen to subject yourself to the judgment of the world by being on a reality show. But if you’re going to do it, at least be a decent person. You’re always going to have haters when you’re successful, but damn, don’t give the world so many vile reasons to hate on you.

There’s nothing weak about being kind, and loving to people, especially your friends and family.

And if you’re focused on being the hottest girl on television, there’s nothing hotter than a woman who can be accountable for her behavior, and make a change for the better.

But there’s also nothing uglier than a pretty girl with a mean mouth.

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