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My Friends, I have dreamed my whole life of this moment. I am EXCITED, HUMBLED and INSPIRED by this news. I have teamed up with my friend, TALENTED author (her blog: Feelings and Faith Make sure you follow her), and fellow Marriage and Family Therapist to co-author a BOOK about the family impact of addiction. We are bringing our passion for helping addicts and their families together to create something that is not only incredibly personal to the both of us, but most importantly a way for readers to navigate through the painful journey with an emotional perspective of both sides.
If you are someone who has been or currently is affected by addiction, please consider taking this SHORT (5 questions), ANONYMOUS SURVEY, and CLICK HERE. It will help us help YOU!
I’ll be keeping you, my loyal followers and friends updated FIRST on all of the happenings as they unfold.
I appreciate you ALL SO MUCH!
Thank you!
~ Alison

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