Let’s Get Personal


I recently had a realization that the last time I wrote anything personal about my every day life was a long time ago. This blog has grown into so much more than I ever imagined it could, and I am so grateful.

Five years ago to the day, this blog was born. It was a place for me to express my inner thoughts, feelings and dreams.  Not for anyone else, but for myself.  My hope was that my words would touch and connect to others; that it would make people feel related to and less alone in the world of parenting, relationships and just being an adult.  Because let’s face it, being an adult really sucks sometimes.

My posts back then were much more personal and less structured; less focused on a topic.  Since then I’ve grown as a person, and a writer, and therefore, my blog has grown.  I’m writing much more for other large blogs than I am for my own, and if there’s one thing I want to stay constant, it’s my connection with you, the readers.  You all are my supporters; my friends.  Your love and support when you comment, like, share, or just read my work is everything I could ever ask for.

Writing is truly how I express my most inner personal feelings, and I am honored to do that and have you all at the other end reading those feelings.

My life right now is chaos.  I feel like I use that word a lot, but anyone that knows me, knows I’m a natural born stress case; a perfectionist of sorts, yet I’ve got so many balls in the air, I feel like I get nothing done.

I am a wife who feels like she’s barely pulling her weight in wifely duties,


because I am also a mom of two boys who feels guilty at the time taken from spending with my precious beasts,


because I’m also a graduate student, yet feel like I am lacking in that department, because I am also working at a non-profit community support service providing mental health rehabilitation to those in need.


What I’m trying to say is as much as I feel disconnected to everything in my personal, professional and academic life, I also feel it here too.  I’m stretched way too thin.  I am doing too much and have too many people and things depending on me.  It’s exhausting to say the least, stressful to the max, but temporary nonetheless.  And that’s what I keep telling myself, it’s all temporary.

I graduate in April, and feel as though that’s the golden month that keeps me pushing and moving in the direction of forward.  So if it feels as though I don’t give this blog, or you, my supporters and friends the attention you deserve, you’re right, and I’m sorry about that. Finding the time to write has become a near impossible task, but since it’s my passion, I MUST find the time, and I’m working on that.

Just remember I think about you often.  I feel incredibly thankful to do what I love outside of this blog, but also to have this space to express my thoughts and feelings, and that I am welcomed with open arms into your lives and hearts.  I am truly blessed to have your eyes grace my words.  Your feedback is everything, and your support keeps me going, especially when the days are rough, and those are so often, my friends.

Let this be received as a big THANK YOU for all that you do for me.  It never goes unnoticed, or unappreciated.

And once April arrives, I hope to be here more for you the way you have been here, and continue to be here for me now.

Virtual hugs to each and every one of you!




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