The Beauty in Boys


Like most mothers of all-boys, I think I’m the luckiest woman alive. But I didn’t always feel that way.

I used to have this notion that the next 15 years of my life would be filled with exhaustion, dirty fingernails, farts, burps, pee stained toilets, pee stained floors, un-flushed toilets, clothes all over the house, and the smell of sweaty feet. Well, let me be clear, all of those things are true and are happening at all times, but in the thick of all that filth, life with these boys is so beautiful.

I was unaware of how much joy, and love this mama-bear would feel with her stinky little cubs. Before having my boys I had never taken a moment to understand that I would be the one prominent woman in their lives who shapes them from boys to men. I never realized that I would be the example and the one they look to when deciding how they’ll treat women in the future. It’s an intense, scary, yet exciting responsibility to have. It’s a learning experience, and a wild ride to say the least.

And here’s how they manage to stay so beautiful…

Their laughter is contagious.

Boys are entertained quite easily, and everything is funny. From the fart contests with each other (which is free entertainment by the way) to playing jokes on mom, everything is funny.

Being able to laugh at anything and everything, one can’t help but constantly smile with little boys around. They find the beauty in things that don’t always look so pretty on the outside, including me.

They are competitive.

Boys are willing to do almost anything if it involves being active and results in a winner and a loser. Inside our house, we have pillow fights, wrestling matches; we play cards, games, and have staring contests. Outside we play soccer, football, go to the park, swim, and race. Nothing is off limits. There is always a winner and a loser, and the prize always involves skittles.

I’ve never been competitive in sports, so this is something that makes life exciting, new, and fun. It’s refreshing to watch them try their hardest and give their all, even if it is for a few skittles.

They make me try new things.

I’m not a boy, and I come from a family of mostly girls, so all of this “boy” stuff is brand new to me. I’ve never been a Tom Boy, but I’ve enjoyed becoming one at times with my boys. As a mother, you have no choice, but to get down in the dirt and play sometimes. It’s different for me to have the dirty nails and smell of dirt, but it’s so fun.

It creates a time and space for me to live in the moment, and I love that. I need that.

They handle me with care.

As rough as my boys are, they are careful with their mommy (well, not all the time, but most of the time). They react compassionately if I’m sad. They kiss my boo-boos when I’m hurt. They are sensitive to me. They defend me.

It’s an amazing feeling when you can look at your sons and see what tremendous husbands and fathers they’ll be one day just by observing the way they treat you, their mother.

The way they look at me.

I’ve never felt anything more euphoric than when my boys look at me like I’m all they need. Little do they know that soon they’ll need and want a lot more than their old mom. But I’m soaking it up and taking it in while I’ve got this small window of time.

These little boys are everything I never knew I needed. They give me more love and nurturing than I thought possible. They make me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I had two little guys suddenly running around my house, tearing up my furniture, catching bugs and setting them loose in mommy’s room. Never had I known how much fun this ride would be. There’s something incredibly special about the relationship between mothers and their sons. That bond is unbreakable.

They are so beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

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