10 Super Bowl Sunday Ideas for Mom

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I watch football. Well, actually, let me rephrase that, I watch my husband watch football while asking him and myself, “what the hell is going on?” I’m easily confused by the game, and usually have a lot of questions, both of which my husband surely doesn’t appreciate during the game. That leads me to the only point of this article, and that is: think of all the things you could be doing during the Super Bowl that you can never do on any other day without it being a complete headache.

1. Grocery Shop
My husband and I usually need to grocery shop during the most popular hours of the day or week as everyone else, because we have very busy schedules. So, whether it’s a weeknight after 5:00pm or any time during the weekend, we are screwed, always. The crowd of people and amount of time it takes to complete makes us dread the necessary doom that is the grocery store. On game day DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go before the game starts. Always go during the first or second half of the game, never during halftime. That’s beer-run time.

2. Maintain your Vehicle
I don’t know about you, but in my town you can’t just walk into the dealership and get your 30,000-mile tune-up, oil change, or tire rotation done. No. “That will be about a 4 hour wait,” or “make an appointment and come back later, please.” But Super Bowl Sunday, IF your dealership isn’t closed, or you want to stop and get your car washed and detailed then get in there and “GIT-R-DONE!”

3. Head to the Gym
One reason I slack on going to the gym besides my sheer laziness is the amount of people in that damn place. The intimidation of the supermodel to my left on the elliptical, or the body builder obviously training for Mr. Universe to my right is enough to send me straight to Mc. Donald’s for my Big Mac. But during the big game, that place is dead.

4. Catch a Flick
Take your girlfriends and catch a movie. Or if you’ve been summoned by your husband to keep the kids as far away from him as possible during the Super Bowl then take them to a movie. The theater will likely be dead, or if not, full of other mothers and their children. Better yet, coordinate a play date with kids from school. You might be stuck watching Paddington and leave with swollen eyes from the sob factor, but if it buys you all a few hours out of the house, it may be well worth it.

5. Experiment with Food
For those of you who don’t mind the game, or the herd of people your partner has invited over, use them to your advantage. If you’re a cook, or even learning to cook, hold a taste testing. There’s nothing like hungry, drunk men to try new recipes on; they’ll never turn down food and probably give you an honest critique if they’ve had enough beers.

6. Dig Up the Gift Receipts

Okay, I admit it; I haven’t returned all of the “returnable” Christmas gifts to their respective stores yet, because once again, I don’t want to deal with the crowds of people doing the same thing. I’ve waited longer than I need to. And if you still have gifts to return, Super Bowl Sunday is the best day to do it. You’ll dodge any crowds at the stores and it will be the quickest store run of your life.

7. Catch Some Zzz’s
I yearn and ache for the days where my house is completely empty for a decent block of time. If you need some peace and quiet, encourage your partner to go watch the game at one of his friend’s house. And don’t forget to tell him to take the kids. Just think; you could take a NAP! You could watch a MOVIE! You could take a SHOWER! There are just way too many fun things to choose from.

8. Get Out with the Girls
If there is a restaurant in your town that you’ve been excited to try, but haven’t been able to get into, because of the crowds and popularity, today is the day. Get your girlfriends and go have a nice late lunch or early dinner. It will be a great way to escape the game day madness and relish in some much needed “me time” for mommy.

9. Treat yourself
Let’s just say you’ve been saving up those gift cards from Christmas, or need an excuse to go splurge on yourself. What better day than this day? The mall will be scarce, so you’ll avoid crowds and if you can leave the little ones with dad to watch the game, then you could actually try things on in the dressing room, which will help you to avoid the annoying repetition of #6.

10. Spa Day
If anyone deserves a spa day, it’s the mommas. And what better way to escape the loud, drunk banter at home than to slip away to a soothing massage, and a mani/pedi? Okay I swear I don’t work in advertising, that just came out, but man it sounds good. Need I say more? Let’s go!

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