Party Pooper

Easter Sunday was tough for me personally this year because I was SO SICK!! I contracted this awful cold and I was miserable to say the least. My step mom was so generous to cook my family an amazing dinner, dye eggs and hide them for my son to find in his first ever egg hunt!! He had a BLAST! He couldn’t get enough hunting time in! So everyone (except me) took their turn to hide the eggs for him so he could run around the backyard and find them!! After a while we just let him hang out in the backyard and find his eggs since he knew all of the hiding spots by now.

As my husband was sitting by the back door keeping an eye on our son, I was laying on the couch and my parents were in the kitchen. After a while my husband looked a little concerned because he couldn’t see our son, but then quickly realized he was being blocked by the BBQ. Then he said “Alijah what are you doing!!!!?” I jumped up and my husband told me our son had his pants down in the grass and must have been peeing! I thought: Not AGAIN! He does this any chance he gets! Apparently he did it just the day before in our front yard while my husband was mowing the lawn! My son is the most eager little boy when it comes to peeing outdoors! We’re in the car often times on the freeway and he’s pointing out trees he’d like to pee on and asks me seriously if I’ll pull over so he can pee on one!!! I mean COME ON!!

As I wasn’t surprised that my son was peeing in my parent’s backyard, I was a little embarrassed. I mean no Mom wants to take their kid anywhere and have him strip down and take a pee, even if it is my parent’s backyard! Reminds me of the time last summer we were visiting my Aunt’s house in Oregon. It was her first time meeting my son and he saw a little tiny fountain with water coming out of it in her backyard and he immediately stripped down nude and went to play in the fountain without one word! You’d of thought we don’t teach the kid manners!

As I was sitting myself back down on the couch, allowing my husband to take care of the 3 foot tall outdoors-man, he gasped and yelled “HE POOPED!” I was SPEECHLESS!!!!!! “POOP!” I thought! Not possible, my son would NEVER! I ran outside and there was my son, shorts at his ankles, bent over saying “Wipe it, wipe it!” And there laid a nice BIG POOP in the grass! I guess I could have looked at it like, well it is Easter, he’s just laying an egg…..not what went through my mind! First I was mortified, then embarrassed, all while I’m asking him why he didn’t use the potty and he’s just staring at me with his big brown eyes, not seeing one problem with this picture! I couldn’t get mad at him, but I did reinforce that we don’t poop just wherever we want! That’s not how pooping and peeing works and he says “why Mom?” LOL! “Just cause!” I said, I couldn’t think of anything better at the time! He then persisted to help his Daddy with such pride, pick up his poop with the shovel and drop it off in the pile of dog poop!

Maybe he wanted to be just like the dogs or maybe he just HAD to go lol! Hey, we were mighty thankful he pulled down his pants and didn’t go IN them! We’re just hoping this doesn’t become a habit! After the shock wore off, it made me laugh over and over. Needless to say, he made Mommy feel a lot better!

My family ROCKS!

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