Ode to Joy


How many times have I looked at you and told you how much I love you?

With your sideways glance and big brown eyes, smiling because you know it’s true.

Before you could talk, before you could walk, I know you already knew.

Now I just remind you ever day, with all the things I say, and all the things I do.

For 3 short years you’ve taught me more in life than any one person could.

You’ve shown me love, heart break, such innocence, the way a child should.

I’ve grown into a protector, a warrior, a shield for you, only the way a mother would.

And you thank me every day, when you look in my eyes, and realize you’re understood.

Our souls are connected and forever bonded, the way most mother and child are.

My heart hurts a little when I’m away from you, no matter how long, no matter how far.

They say this is the love one feels for her child, it’s the scar on your heart.

You will forever shine the brightest to me, because you are my little star.

I promise to be here forever and always the way you need me to be.

I’ll never give up on you, or lose faith in you because your soul lives inside of me.

And as I watch you sleep at night, and see you dream away.

I hope you know I’d walk the earth, just to be with you for one more day.

There’s not another living thing more important than my little boy.

And there will never be anything that completes me more than you, my pride and joy.

By: Alison Chrun

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