Born This Way

Alright folks! I’m typically an honest person but I don’t often take it to the level of gruesome honesty. I think I get to brutal honestly at times but that’s usually where it ends on my blog. This is a place for me to speak but I can say I have written gruesomely honest posts, re-read them, censored them and deleted them all together! Today is not that day. It’s going to be gruesome! If you don’t want to REALLY get to know me at this point in reading, I suggest you click the X because here goes!

Men you should know these things if you ever plan to date, marry or be around women! Women, I hope you relate to some extent! Tonight I was lying in bed tossing and turning because my uterus feels like it’s in knots from the massive cramps my period has brought on but I am not able to take anything for it yet because I just popped an Excedrin for the massive headache I get when also on my period!! If I haven’t scared you away already, awesome!

I love being a woman, I really do. But I also really hate it at times! I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am of hearing all over the media, or even Facebook, about psycho girls, crazy bi*ches and all sorts of other derogatory names and things about women! We are held in such a different regard than men, as we should be, but in my opinion, just the opposite! We should be held in the higher regard ten fold!

You see, we spend our whole lives, at least from the age of about 14-50 dealing with the massive chaos going on, on the inside of our bodies! Our bodies are hoping to procreate on a monthly basis! Does any man know how that feels???? NO! Not just that but the pain that comes along with it! The emotional torture some of us go through and the absolute takeover that it has!

I’ve given birth and since then, I have more appreciation for women than ever! We spend so much time competing with one another about who’s hotter, who’s a better mother to their child, who’s got more things, etc., that we can’t even raise each other up and say: wow we are women, we can relate and I know exactly how you feel! We should be a support rather than competing for the attention of someone else’s boyfriend or what have you!

Here is my month in a nutshell: I’m happy go lucky for a few weeks, then I notice I’m about ready to b*tch slap someone! Oh here it comes, my hormones are going out of whack! I’m moody, intolerant to BS, no patience and pretty much feeling bipolar on an hourly basis! Then my boobs start to hurt like mad! Then about a week later I start to have cramps in my abdomen! Not just little “oh what’s that?” kind of cramps, but a throbbing for days on end kind of cramp, actually comparable to my 1st hour of labor, but for about 3 days! Then the real fun starts, I begin to bleed for 5 days straight all while having to follow my normal routine as if nothing is happening or changing inside my body! My cramps make me feel sick, so now I am popping Ibuprofen every 4 hours and my headaches are out of control from the hormones going crazy, trying to regulate themselves! I feel weak from losing so much iron and exhausted as well! I have a child so that just adds to the excitement!

Carrying a child in you for 9 months is like being on your period yet without the bleeding! The emotions, the physical stress and pain you go through! It’s obviously so worth it, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t point that out, but it’s HARD!!!!!!!!!!! OK, then you give birth! I opted for an epidural , some don’t , some can’t! We are all women! I personally labored for 13 hours and pushed my son out! Some have to be cut open and the recovery is intense! We are all warriors and I just don’t believe we should ever be told differently! What our bodies do and what we put our minds to is nothing short of a miracle!! We are well oiled machines, made for this process! But I’m going to burst the bubble for all of the mothers who want to say they have enjoyed every minute of it or for the future ones who thinks it’s all roses!!!! It’s HARD!!!!!!!!!! Worth it but HARD!

The men in this world need a reality check! First of all I’m going to be very realistic and say that there is no way any man will ever know what it feels like to be a woman! It’s not their fault that they will never know, but for the man who wants to belittle a woman and call us derogatory names, act as if we are worthless or useless: HONEY we are much more important than you are! We are stronger and built for something much grander than body building! Our strength may not come in the form of physical muscles on our arms and legs in comparison to a man but our strength comes in the form of mental and emotional!! Women can multitask like no one’s business! We can take everything that’s hurts inside of us during the time of the month or during our pregnancies and put in on the back burner to put someone else first! We have the ability to be compassionate, empathize and be 100 different people to everyone else! A man is simple, they want to spread their seed, support their family and be a “man!” That’s great and I don’t want to sound like I’m putting men down because I am so fortunate to have the most amazing man as my husband! But I just wish that all men could walk in our shoes for a day! Preferably day 2 of my period when I’m at my heaviest flow and cramping like I’m about ready to give birth, but that’s just me!!

There are bigger problems in the world and much worse circumstances than my own, but these are my circumstances and my reality and sometimes I wish I was a dude, with no bothers when it comes to my body, but then I realize, how boring lol!! Men, please realize that women are God’s gift, we bear your children, we birth them, we feed them, we take care of them, we worry about them and love them! And every single month we go through a week of craziness because that’s what God has given us and that’s what makes us amazing! Men couldn’t live without women and I think men should start acting like it!

Women are Warriors!

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