A Love Letter to My Husband


Dear Husband,

I knew you were good, but not this good.

I knew you were strong, but not this strong.

I knew you would take care of me and our babies,

but never had I imagined I’d be this happy.

You’re whole life is this family.

Every decision you make is only to enhance our lives.

You make it look so easy, and I realize,

it’s because this is where you want to be.

I’m neurotic, hormonal and a stress case no less.

You’re calm, rational and tell me I’m beautiful when I’m a mess.

You cook, you clean, you do the laundry.

You have kids on your hip and tell me to go take some time for “me.”

You support me, believe in me and make me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.

I love you for loving me, seeing me for who I am and choosing me to be with you.

You work SO hard and NEVER complain.

Your children look to you and see Superman.

I look to you and see a Saint.

Baby, you’re my BEST friend, my rock, my soul mate.

I’m honored to be your wife and be apart of this life you help to create.

I only hope I can make you as proud as you make me,

because honey you are one in a million

and I’m going to spend my life making you this happy.

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