My Love, Misunderstood

My love, misunderstood

From the moment I entered I could

Feel the squirm, get me out of this place

I didn’t like the sound, I didn’t like the taste

From your eyes pours pain

Always someone else, never you to blame

Always the victim, always hurt

My sleeves stained red, from your filth, from your dirt

In a single moment, I knew it was time

To go, to run, to leave you behind

For good, for me, for all who believe

That to love yourself sometimes you must leave

Never did I know such pain could exist

Than the moment I knew forever, forever you would be missed

Your words, your anger, your pure disdain

For a daughter as a stranger, who barely knew my name

I’ll love you and cherish the good as often as I need

But just know from you, my heart has been freed

My love, my love, my love, misunderstood

Never have I forgotten, never could, never would

-Alison Chrun

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