Funny how one can lose it all

Sit and stare at the stark, white wall

Thinking and praying for her to call

Never realizing her part in it all

Denial is an easy out

Pretending she doesn’t know what it’s all about

Kicking and screaming as the anger mounts

Just to find loneliness, she sits, she pouts

Things won’t change if she won’t rearrange

Step out of her comfort zone until things feel strange

Tossing and turning until her heart and mind exchange

The loss, the hurt, to feel the pain

Fighting through the misery, it makes her stronger

Getting to the other side she tends to wander

She finds the bridge when she begins to ponder

She’s not just a girl, she’s a sister, she’s a daughter

This process is not for the weak

It’s for the changing, when it’s answers she seeks

She’s not here yet, she’s still turning the other cheek

I’ll be ready when it’s honesty she speaks

I’m a woman of my word, it makes me whole

It’s the truth in my heart that’s allowed me to grow

I wish upon all, a willingness to show

Who you really are, let the world know

I pray for her every night

That she’ll see things clearly, that she’ll make it right

Across the bridge it’s warm and light

She’s always in my heart, it’s locked, it’s sealed tight

Alison Chrun

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