I’m inspired every day! I’m inspired when I hear a great song, when I see my son grow in all of his many ways, when I see my husband laugh hysterically at something that hardly warrants a giggle from me. I am inspired to write my feelings the way the song writer does, inspired to grow at that rapid pace my 2 year old does, and inspired to laugh out loud just because something so simple tickles me pink! I want to live a little lighter, feel and think a little deeper, relish and live in more moments, capture moments with my eyes and mind that a camera could never capture. Anyone ever just get in those moments where a song, a situation or something someone says just brings you to tears? Where you feel so full of emotion that you could explode but you don’t really know why? I love those moments and I’m lucky to have them daily with my family and look forward to having more. Those are my moments of inspiration!

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