The Theresa Caputo Experience

I’m not much of a religious person.  I’m more spiritual than anything.  I went to church here and there as a child and most recently a few years back. I began reading the bible at that time and I’m glad I did.  I learned a lot about myself and answered a lot of my own questions, “what was I trying to accomplish?” I was at a place in my life where I needed some guidance, an outlet and going to church and praying brought out who I always knew I was.  I believe in a higher power, for me, that power is spirit. A large part of the world’s higher power is God and they learn through the bible, church, community and their personal relationship with God.  I call my higher power, spirituality.  I’m very confident in that.  It doesn’t mean that I think believing in anything else is wrong, that’s just who I am to the core.  I’ve always known that I feel this way, but needed to try another avenue to confirm my beliefs. In doing that, I became more sure of what I believe in.

For many of you that don’t know, Theresa Caputo is a psychic medium who has her own show on TLC based out of her home town of Long Island called, ‘Long Island Medium’.  Cameras follow her around as she lives her normal life, reads for people by appointments and also how she reads people in public places when she comes in contact with a spirit who needs to talk with a loved one who has passed away.  To the skeptics, it might sound crazy, but if you watch one show, you’d see the genuine impact it has on Theresa and the people she comes in contact with.
I was on Facebook one morning and saw an advertisement to see Theresa Caputo live. I didn’t think to do anything about it until a couple clicks later, there it was again. I decided to look into it and saw she was going to be in my hometown.  I got this surge of excitement and frantically sent out a message to all of my friends asking if they would be interested in going with me once I saw how fast the seats were going.  My neighbor V, who has also become my close friend was the first one to speak up and want to go.  She has had a lot of experience with death and being around death so this interested her very much.  I asked my Step-Mom if she’d like to go and she jumped at the chance.  I bought the tickets that day and almost forgot how soon it was coming up when it finally did.
The day of the show I felt so much anticipation.  I went to work with an extra pep in my step.  I work in an old remodeled farm house. The business I work for bought it 4 years ago and let me just say there have always been some weird sounds coming from that old place. I hear what sound like foot steps upstairs and the doors swing open and shut pretty frequently. This particular day, the door was creaking open and shut all day long. I probably heard it about 50 times.  On any other day, maybe twice I’d hear it. I’m pretty good at playing dumb with it, because I have so much work to get done, if I sat and obsessed about that door, I’d have to quit.  I felt like my senses were super high that day just in anticipation  for Theresa, but ‘I hadn’t see nothin’ yet’.
My Step-Mom and I met for dinner, we’ll call her M.  M and I met at PF Changs and we were going to meet my friend V and her mom at the venue.  At dinner, M and I talked about anything and everything as we normally do.  We had a funny conversation about my Dad and how he had some wild idea a long time ago to start a pooper scooper business.  We laughed so hard!
When Theresa came to the stage she did a little introduction about how she’s known she was different from the age of 4 and had to teach herself how to live with this crazy gift. She then taught herself how to use it and understand it so that it could help other people.  She needed a release since she was experiencing it 24 hours a day and by reading people, she is able to be herself and help people in the meantime.
I came to see her not expecting anything.  I didn’t expect anyone on my side to come through, but I did know I’d be changed forever and that’s why she calls it the experience, and that it was.
She sought out a woman who lost her daughter.  Theresa gave her some great details about this little girl, what she was like, how she was feeling before she passed away and how she wants her mom to carry on.  We all sobbed as this woman was reeling with emotion as Theresa told her things about her little girl that no one else would know.  She passed away very quickly and unexpectedly of pneumonia.  To lose a child is beyond my comprehension, but there were so many parents of little ones lost that were there that night.  It broke my heart, especially since I have 2 little boys of my own.
I could go on and on about everyone she read, but I’ll tell you the moments that really stuck out at me.  In her introduction, Theresa said that there are so many spirits trying to come forward in a room of 3,000 people that it makes it very difficult to shut out the other spirits. The spirits do something called piggy backing.  One spirit might come through and then another will come through with that spirit for another person. Her point was that we might hear her read someone and she may be saying things that directly apply to our lives because one of our loved ones is coming through. It’s hard to explain but I completely understood once it happened.
She was on her way back to the stage when she walked past a 12 year old boy. She immediately asked him if the necklace around his neck was his brothers. She told him that his older brother appreciates so much all of the ways that he honors him. In everything he does, he does it for his older brother. His older brother’s only advice for him was to make sure that he’s doing what makes him happy and not try to do what he feels his older brother would do or want him to do. She said he doesn’t need to fill his shoes, he can be anything he wants.  He can be a pooper scooper if he wants, just be the best pooper scooper he can be.
Did you catch that? When I heard that, I completely lost my breath and my jaw dropped.  I knew it was my Grandma coming through just to acknowledge that she’s with me.  I feel like I haven’t felt my Grandmother’s presence in a long time.  I’ve been vocal about it on a couple occasions, including that night to my Step-Mom at dinner.  I felt completely validated.
She did some amazing readings and I was sad to have it end. 2 hours goes by so fast. A couple things that she told us that I knew I definitely wanted to share were some of the ways our loved ones on the other side show us that they are with us. She said odd things that happen on a regular basis for no reason like flickering lights, doors that open or close by themselves (ahem), things being out of place, etc. are our loved ones showing us that they are still with us. When we take pictures and there are orbs in the photo, that is most definitely our loved ones she said. The one that hit home for me because it happens to me every day is when you look at the clock at the same time every day.  I know I experience it and a popular time that this seems to happen to most of us is the lucky 11:11.  Our loved ones that have passed are always with us.  They pass through us, they live inside us and they are with us during the most important times in our lives.  They never leave us.
I walked away with a lot of mixed emotions.  I was super sensitive as I came away from it, not just emotionally but my spiritual sense ran really high.  I couldn’t sleep at all that night.  I was feeling and seeing things all night.  My emotions have been running high only because it was really hard to see and hear the experiences of the parents that lost children.  It’s a really hard reality to accept and it was really hard to hear.  My heart aches for those parents.  I can’t help but to put myself in their shoes for just a second, the pain is so unbearable that I have to take my mind away from it immediately.  They can’t do that.
She spoke about destiny.  She said we all have a destiny, how we get to that destiny is our own doing, but we have a block of time where our destiny is up.  She spoke of how our souls act without our heads knowing.  Have you ever done something not really knowing why you’re doing it, but you do it anyway? Another way you could look at it is acting on a gut instinct.  That’s your soul/spirit making the moves and keeping you in line with your destiny.  When we say things were meant to be, they truly are, even when it feels and is a disaster in our lives. Destiny isn’t just what we see as good, it acts as what we consider bad too.  It’s a scary thought to think we all have a destiny, but it completely emphasizes the importance of today and right now!
Life is SO short.  Planning for the future and having goals is always a great thing, but what does it matter if we aren’t living for today? If it all ends tomorrow, those plans never mattered, what matters is what we’ve done and what we’re doing right now.
This experience has given me an opportunity to reconnect with myself and I hope to keep that going by staying on a path of spiritual journey.  It’s given me a fresh view of what’s important.  To keep enjoying my family, my kids, to keep good people in my life and enjoy today!
There is so much to tell about the 2 hours I was at her show, and even more after.  I could write a whole chapter in a book if I had the time.  So if any of you have questions about my experience I am completely open to sharing anything about it and my personal experience that I took from it.  I hope this gave you some insight, perspective and comfort if you need it.

9 Replies to “The Theresa Caputo Experience”

  1. Wow, the part where you talked about destiny gave me chills.. You couldn't have said it any better. Whatever steps we take its our Destiny, good or bad. I always wondered if she really had the gift and if she did is it really a “gift” ?
    When I think about my grandmother who was like a second mother to me. I was very close with her. When she passed a few years back I never doubted if she was looking down on my family. My second daughter had a bunch of issues in utero and when she was born it was a true miracle she was healed except for a few minor issues.I knew it was because of praying everyday to god and her.


  2. Your lead-in is wayyyyyy too long. I lost interest very quickly, wondering when you were going to actually start telling of some spell-binding moments. Here I'm thinking that TC read YOU, but she didn't. At least in the first zillion words of your post she didn't.


  3. Theresa caputo is absolutely the real deal. She read me at one of her shows in westbury new york. She gave me the best reading ever about my father. She was spot on and couldn't have been better. Very emotional!!! Anybody that doesn't believe or is a skeptic is an absolute moron. God bless her for changing people's life


  4. Lovestond, she just started to ask questions like, “who had a Mother who passed of a heart attack?” Something of that nature. She would begin to narrow it down by asking more and more detailed questions until she zeroed in on one person.


  5. Wow that's amazing I've always been scared about religion and death but I watch her she makes me feel better I truly hope and pray that everything she says and does is real


  6. That's called cold reading. It's a technique they all use. Doesn't that make you skeptical even a little the way you described her asking these leading questions until she zeroes in on someone? Of course someone in that room has a mother who passed of a heart attack. Have you ever wondered how she could know how a person passed, and other details, but NEVER have a name or even an initial? If the spirit can tell her all those things, why not a name? I'm really not trying to be ugly. You see, I WANT to believe, I wish I could believe like so many people do, but logic and reasoning get in the way. Don't you ever wonder about these things too?


  7. I've always wondered the same thing, if the spirit can say, “I died of a heart attack” why not “I'm mary and I'm the mom of Debra” WHY? A spirit can say that a necklace belonged to him, but not even give an initial or birthday? Come on, where's your logic? Do you just ignore your logic cuz you want so bad to believe? I wish I could do that. And I'm not trying to be ugly, I really want to know how this faith stuff works


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